Hiking in Crete (E4 path)

One Day Hike

Explore the gorges, trails and footpaths of Crete, in small groups or with a private guide. Pair your excursion with lunch or a picnic with selected signature products of the Cretan gastronomy and take in the scenery as you hike these ancient routes. Depending on the season and the routes you will follow you may have the chance to swim at the crystal clear waters of the Libyan Sea, meet up with artisan producers and discover the wild side of Crete.

Depending on your arrangements you will travel along with a guide or meet the guide at the entrance of the Gorge.

Pricing is subject to arrangements, please get in touch with us.

One Day Hike

Start 8:00 from the Olive farm (or from another agreed upon point), Our skilled and knowledgeable guide will walk you through the Aradena Gorge in southern Crete. We will have snacks along the way and lunch before returning to the farm.

(5.5 km, more or less 2-4 hours depending on the group)

Duration: 8-10 hours


Guided Hike



Email:    info@theolivefarm.gr

Mobile:  +30 6980 615 985

Likos Beach Hike 2 days & 1 night

We will spend the day swimming in the clear waters in Libyan sea, after we will enjoy lunch at Likos beach and stay overnight in simple rooms 10m from the sea.

The next morning after the breakfast we will walk until Loutro village to take a boat and return to Sfakia village. Another option would be to spend the night up in the White Mountains. The next morning after breakfast we will walk in the paths to see the vista from the balcony – 1000m high.

Start 8:00 from the Olive farm (or other meeting place)

We begin our walk in Aradaina Gorge (5.5 km, approximately 2-4 hours depending on group) in southern Crete.


guided hike

coffee or snack

Breakfast, lunch, dinner (all meals)



boat tickets

local transport


Email:    info@theolivefarm.gr

Mobile:  +30 6980 615 985

Extended Mountain Stay Hiking Tour

Spend a couple of days in guest cottages in the White Mountains of Crete, an experience that you will never forget. Enjoy this remote part of the island as you take in the breathtaking views of the South. You will stay in a village of 15 inhabitants hidden in the forest, a home base from which you can explore the wild trails of the mountain forest, visit the beautiful beaches, and access both Samaria and Aradina gorges. Explore the area as much as the weather permits and taste the Mediterranean flavors of local dishes. You might even get to hike parts of the famous international trail E4.

Duration 1-3 nights


Transportation to and from hiking point

Guided Hikes through nearby gorges

Mountain trail hikes

Accommodations at guest house cottages

All Meals


Historical sites

Beach time


Email:    info@theolivefarm.gr

Mobile:  +30 6980 615 985