The Bee Garden Experience

A Bee Garden Visit

Visit the local apiary to learn how honey is made. The honey producer will talk to you about the apiculture of Greece and will inform you on the basics of honey making. Talk to the honey producer, observe the bees and find out how a bee hive is organized and functions. Sample honey and enjoy a light lunch at the beekeepers house! The experience takes place at the bee garden. All produce is artisan, local and seasonal.

About Yannis:

Born and raised on Crete, Yannis has bee keeping in his blood. His trade has been passed down through generations.  With over 45 years experience, he and his wife cultivate a thriving farm producing honey, wax, pollen, and more. Their bee farm is also a learning center for people to observe the bees at work and understand the relationship between agriculture and the importance of healthy bees.


Bee garden visit

Bee hive demonstration

A light lunch

honey sampling and aperitifs with honey and raki.

Duration: 3 hours (including the meal)



Mobile:  +30 6980 615 985