Yoga at the Olive Farm

Yoga class with Farm Breakfast

Immerse yourself in the practice of yoga while on vacation. The Olive Farm is the perfect natural surrounding to dive deep into a physical, energetic, breath based practice. The yoga platform is intentionally located under a very old oak tree, the breath is deepened with Mediterranean air, you feel the connection to nature in the peaceful garden of the Olive Farm.

In these 2-hour sessions we work on expanding, stretching, opening up and releasing blockages in the body, letting the energy flow (prana) as freely as possible. Through the practice of asanas, pranayama and meditation we aim to bring body and mind into balance, feeling more energized, peaceful and creative.

* all levels are welcome including beginners! You can participate regardless of previous experience, age or physical condition.(Let us know in advance about your level of experience and we will adjust class)


2 hour yoga and meditation class

yoga mats

local herbal tea

healthy delicious breakfast, with local artisan yogurt, honey and organic vegetables and fruits

Not Included: Transport to and from The Olive Farm

Duration: 2 hours (with breakfast 3 hours)

for a minimum of 6 participants we can organize a private yoga and healthy eating retreat for you – get in touch with us!



Mobile:  +30 6978085938

Yoga and Wellness Retreat at The Olive Farm

Join us for a 7 day retreat on the farm, a place to reset your nervous system, connect with nature and learn the traditional flavors of Crete. We create a home base for small groups to cook, eat, practice yoga and relax.

Yoga with Julien Andres

Julien is a Seattle native, foodie, and free spirited yoga teacher. She has recently made Crete her home and we are thrilled to share her passion for adventure, inquiry, and the science of yoga. “I teach to each groups needs. I create a sequence of postures to empower the body and connect to the life force within. Classes are all levels and include asana (physical postures), pranayama (breath control), meditation and reflection.”

The Cretan diet: a long healthy heritage and tradition

Recognized as one of the healthiest diets, the Cretan diet holds all those elements that shape healthy nutrition. Since nutrition is such an important element in health and wellness we design our menus and cooking classes around seasonality. You will discover the secrets of the local diet that go back thousands of years to the Minoan times. We will cook with ingredients which complement and balance each other and give more to the body than they take away from it. Join us for this Vegetarian Cooking Yoga Retreat and combine the health benefits of yoga with wholesome delicious vegetarian meals, using fresh organic artisan produce!


Your accommodations can range from small traditional cottages that sleep 2-4 people to larger luxury villas. All accommodations are located in and around the village of Litsarda, close to The Olive Farm. When you get in touch we will discuss your specific accommodation requirements and book the perfect place for you!

Included :

2 daily yoga classes

3 traditional Cretan cooking class with chef Zetta

excursions to locations of raw natural beauty on the island

wholesome breakfasts and dinners under the olive trees

airport transfers to and from CHQ (Chania airport)

Not included:



additional excursions



Mobile:  +30 6978085938