Cooking Workshop

The workshops take place at the Olive farm under our covered outdoor kitchen (or inside the traditional cottage) depending on the weather. Most cooking will take place in a wood or a gas fire. After the instruction we join as a group at the communal table to share the meal, break bread, drink the local wine.

The Chef

We collaborate with local chefs to teach our cooking classes with vibrancy and humor, offering technique and recipes from their Greek roots. Their class menus are seasonal and are often inspired by what’s fresh on the farm. The classroom setting is ideal under the shade of the outdoor community kitchen where each person has a spot at the work table with a cutting board and knife. We plan a 3-5 course meal and guide the group through prep and production of each dish. Local artisan cheeses, honey and meats are sourced from nearby farmers.

A full meal is  included in every workshop. Wine and cheese platters with local cheese and other delicacies are also included. The workshops are all hand’s on and everything is made from scratch.

Please let us know if you have dietary restrictions and we will do our best to accommodate.

Menu: to be designed with the customer’s input after booking.



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